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Bruges and Western Flanders, Belgium


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Laced with dreamy canals and cobbled lanes and bursting with step-gabled houses, Bruges is the epitome of a picturesque tourist destination or a fairy-tale medieval town. It is also home to the wrold-famous Groeningemuseum which contains a potted history of Belgian art with an outstanding selection of works by the Flemish Primitives. 

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8000 Brugge

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Bruges and Western Flanders

Preserved or reconstructed, there are few places in Northern Europe that offer such a visual and historical overload of fine medieval style architecture. Visit historic Bruges, Veurne and Damme or the World War I cemeteries which are carefully tended throughout the region. Battlefield tours, war museums and trench sites are to be found in special concentrations around Ypres, whose central square was meticulously rebuilt after the war. 

Other Local Activities in Bruges and Western Flanders

  • Bruges
  • In Flanders Fields
  • Lakenhalle
  • Menin Gate
  • Ypres