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Château Pichon Longeville
Poitou & Aquitaine (Bordeaux), France

Château Pichon Longeville

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Château Pichon Longeville

The estate was founded in the late 17th Century, also known as the Grand Siècle, or “great century”, in reference to Louis XIV’s accession to the French throne in 1661. The Sun King was to enhance the reputation of French culture, including its wines, throughout Europe.

In 1689 Pierre Desmezures de Rauzan, a major wine merchant and steward of the prestigious Latour and Margaux estates, bought plots of vines close to the Latour estate to create Enclos Rauzan.

These vines were part of his daughter Thérèse’s dowry when she married Baron Jacques Pichon Longueville in 1694, the year in which the Pichon Longueville estate was founded. And so a great estate, with an enduring reputation, was born. It was to remain in the same family for several generations.

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Château Pichon Longeville
33250 Pauillac

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Poitou & Aquitaine (Bordeaux)

A vast area of south-west France spanning a quarter of the country's windswept Atlantic coastline and a great expanse of fine sandy beaches. The region stretches from the marshes of the Marais Poitevin to the great pine forests of the Landes. At its centre lies the celebrated wine region of Bordeaux and its world renowned châteaux.  With its elegant 18th Century architecture and vibrant cultural life, Bordeaux is well worth a visit.

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