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Wilton Classic and Supercar Day
4th August 2013 to 4th August 2013 On Wheels
The West Country, UK

Wilton Classic and Supercar Day - 4th August 2013 to 4th August 2013

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Wilton Classic and Supercar Day

Wilton Classic and Supercar Day

The Supercar Day is held in the stunning gardens and park of Wilton House, often described as one of England's most beautiful country houses.

Lived in for over 460 years by the Earls of Pembroke, the House has a world renowned collection of paintings and sculpture and is considered to have the finest 17th Century state rooms in England.

The Wilton Supercar day was conceived in 2009 by Jay Broom and Lord Pembroke. In a Surrey pub car park (owned by none other than Chris Evans) overflowing with supercars, Jay had put together an informal owners' breakfast meet to which Lord Pembroke took his Bugatti Veyron. Lord Pembroke mentioned to Jay he might be able to provide a venue with a little more space and, with an idea to raise money for the 'The Stars Appeal', a local charity of which Lord Pembroke is President, the Wilton Supercar day was born.

Almost doubling in size every year since its inception it is fast becoming the summer event to attend for those with a real passion for all things motoring.

With Lord Pembroke's background in motor racing, industrial design and car collecting (he loves everything from his modified Skyline to his E-type and, of course, the Veyron) and Jay's experience dealing with the Supercar world and with multimillion pound convoys the aim is to provide the sort of day out they always dreamed of.

Address and Contact Details for Wilton Classic and Supercar Day

Wilton Classic and Supercar Day
Wilton Estate
Wiltshire SP2 8PX

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