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Our Map of the Most Fabulous Places to Stay in Europe
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Our Map of the Most Fabulous Places to Stay in Europe

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Here is our map showing the locations of our Quintessential Europe Members.

You can filter the map using the key beneath it, and view our Luxury Bed and Breakfasts, Exclusive Homestays, Romantic Wedding Venues and places to Dine and Sleep. Click on the icons to view the properties.

Featured Regions

  • Central France & the Alps France
  • North East France France
  • The South of France France
  • The South West France
  • Western France France
  • Provence & the CĂ´te d'Azur France
  • England UK
  • Scotland UK
  • Wales UK
  • East Anglia UK
  • Lancashire & the Lakes UK
  • Northumbria UK
  • The Midlands UK
  • The South East UK
  • The West Country UK
  • Yorkshire & the Humber UK
  • The Highlands & Islands UK
  • The Lowlands UK
  • North Wales UK
  • South & Mid-Wales UK
  • Cotswolds UK
  • East Midlands UK
  • West Midlands UK
  • Downs & Channel Coast UK
  • Thames Valley UK
  • Devon & Cornwall UK
  • Wessex UK
  • Yorkshire Dales UK
  • Bruges and Western Flanders Belgium
  • Lazio Italy
  • Liguria Italy
  • Sicily Italy
  • Tuscany Italy
  • Veneto & Friuli Italy
  • Rome Italy