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Veneto & Friuli
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Italy | Veneto & FriuliItaly | Veneto & Friuli
Italy | Veneto & Friuli | VeniceItaly | Veneto & Friuli | Venice
Veneto & FriuliVeneto & Friuli
Veneto & FriuliVeneto & Friuli

Veneto & Friuli

Veneto & Friuli

The Veneto is a region of tremendous contrasts, encompassing the breathtaking beauty of the Dolomites, Lake Garda, Italy's largest lake, and the rolling Euganean Hills, and the magnificent ancient cities of Verona, Padua and Vicenza. To the east lies the border with Slovenia and, to the north, the Carnic Hills, the Roman town of Aquileia and the bustling Adriatic port of Trieste. 

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